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Graduate fellows


Daniella Allevato

Daniella Allevato is a Ph.D. Candidate in Plant Biology, in the School of Integrative Plant Sciences. Her research is on understanding the chemical diversity in the leaves of the neotropical plant genus Pilocarpus, to aid in the conservation of this genus as well as guide a more sustainable production of this plant in agriculture. Her thesis examines how different factors: environmental variation, phylogenetic relationships, and human interference have shaped the distribution of species and compounds produced by this plant genus. 


Pilar Delpino

Pilar Delpino Marimon

Pilar is a second year MRP student in the Department of City and Regional Planning. She is interested in cross-national policies and their implications for local governance. Her current research is focused on a comparative study between EU and Latin American regional integration processes, with a focus on infrastructure development and the production of marginalised spaces.


Sebastian Diaz Angel

I have a BA in Political Science, a BA in History and an MA in Geography. My project focuses on geographical engineering development programs in Latin America during the Cold War, combining my interest in the history of cartography, science and technology studies, environmental history and digital humanities.


Kyle Harvey

Kyle Harvey is a PhD student in the History Department at Cornell University. His dissertation focuses on the historical development of the mountainous region between western Argentina and Chile throughout the nineteenth century, from banditry and civil war to contracts and railroads. Broadly, his dissertation engages with questions of space and state formation through themes of technology, social history, and political economy. 


Ana Ozaki

Ana Ozaki is a PhD student in the Department of Architecture. Ana's research interests include Brazilian modern architecture; housing; historic preservation; Latin American, postcolonial, and feminist studies; as well as the intersections between architecture and the fields of urban sociology, human geography, and anthropology. Besides writing, Ozaki is interested in the public discussion of social issues central to architecture historiography in the form of exhibitions and public events.


Joshua Savala

Josh is a PhD candidate in the Department of History. His dissertation project looks at the relationships of solidarity and cooperation forged by and between Peruvians and Chileans in the 19th and early 20th centuries. His research delves into the history of medicine, labor and working class history, anarchism, gender, and the maritime world.


Vanessa Springer

Vanessa is a Master’s student in the New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit within the Department of Natural Resources. Her current research focuses on the spatial ecology of carnivores in the cloud forest of the Andes, as part of a project that aims to integrate social values and ecological information into the design of a socio-ecological corridor between two reserves. She is also a mentor for the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program that aims to support diversity in the field of conservation.