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Sena Aydin


Héctor D. Abruña

Chemistry and Chemical Biology
293 Physical Sciences Building
Gerard Aching

Gerard Aching

Professor of Romance Studies

Office: KLR K116 (Klarman Hall)

Arthur Agnello

314 Barton Lab, NYSAES, Geneva

Daniella Allevato

Daniella Allevato is a Ph.D. Candidate in Plant Biology, in the School of Integrative Plant Sciences. Her research is on understanding the chemical diversity in the leaves of the neotropical plant genus Pilocarpus, to aid in the conservation of this genus as well as guide a more sustainable production of this plant in agriculture. Her thesis examines how different factors: environmental variation, phylogenetic relationships, and human interference have shaped the distribution of species and compounds produced by this plant genus. 


Andrea Bachner

Associate Professor
Comparative Literature 
240 Goldwin Smith Hall

John Barcelo

Cornell Law School
318 Myron Taylor Hall

Ernesto Bassi

Assistant Professor of History

Office: 323 McGraw Hall

Joseph Bazler

PhD Candidate, Industrial Labor Relations

Jason Blaesing


Walter Manky Bonilla

Industrial Labor Relations

Mary Pat Brady

Associate Professor
281 Goldwin Smith

Lilly Briggs

PhD Candidate, Natural Resources

Martina Broner

Romance Studies

Judith Byfield

Associate Professor
320 McGraw Hall

Lourdes Casanova

Senior Lecturer, Johnson School of Business

Office: 370 Sage Hall

Jose Casis

Natural Resources

Jose Castañeda



Debra A. Castillo

Professor of Comparative Literature

Office: KLR 315 (Klarman Hall)

Mario Jiménez Chacón

Romance Studies


Julia Chang

Assistant Professor of Romance Studies

Office: KLR K365 (Klarman Hall)

Ronnie Coffman

Plant Breeding and Genetics
252 Emerson Hall

Ananda Cohen-Aponte

Assistant Professor of History of Art and Visual Studies

Office: Goldwin Smith Hall GM02

Liliana Colanzi

Comparative Literature

Lance Compa

Senior Lecturer
Labor Relations, Law, and History
366 Ives Hall



Maria Cook

Professor of International and Comparative Labor

Office: 368 Ives Hall

Angela Cornell

Clinical Professor
Cornell Law School
151 Myron Taylor Hall



Raymond Craib

Professor of History

Office: 309 McGraw Hall

Lacie Cunningham

Romance Studies


Brian Davis

Professor of the Built Environment

Office: 456 Kennedy Hall

Stephen De Gloria

Crop and Soil Sciences
1014 Bradfield Hall
David De Micheli

David De Micheli

David is a PhD candidate in the Government department, with research interests in comparative politics and Latin America. His substantive interests include ethnic and identity politics, social movements, and the political economy of development. His current dissertation research considers the formation of political identities around race and class in Brazil, aiming to understand how social identities become political, and why this is more likely in some parts of Brazil than in others.

Pilar Delpino

Pilar Delpino Marimon

Pilar is a second year MRP student in the Department of City and Regional Planning. She is interested in cross-national policies and their implications for local governance. Her current research is focused on a comparative study between EU and Latin American regional integration processes, with a focus on infrastructure development and the production of marginalised spaces.


Timothy J. DeVoogd

Professor of Psychology and Neurobiology

Office: 278B Uris Hall

Ella Maria Diaz

Assistant Professor
Latina/o Studies
Goldwin Smith Hall, Room 65

Sebastian Diaz Angel

I have a BA in Political Science, a BA in History and an MA in Geography. My project focuses on geographical engineering development programs in Latin America during the Cold War, combining my interest in the history of cartography, science and technology studies, environmental history and digital humanities.

John Duxbury

Emeritus Professor
Soil and Crop Sciences
904 Bradfield Hall

Locksley Edmondson

Emeritus Professor
Africana Studies and Research Center
202 Africana Ctr.
Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards

Ryan received his BA in Geography from UC Berkeley and is completing his PhD in History at Cornell. His work combines historical geography, political ecology, and science and technology studies. He spent eighteen months in Argentina conducting fieldwork for his dissertation, which reconstructs an environmental history of the Ushuaia Penal Colony in southernmost Patagonia.

Dr. Ryan Edwards is currently an Assistant Professor of History at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Ryan Edwards


Emily Vazquez Enriquez

Graduate Student, Romance Studies


Pedro Erber

Associate Professor of Luso-Brazilian Studies

Office: KLR K265

Katryn Evinson

PhD Candidate, Romance Studies

Timothy Fahey

Natural Resources
G16 Fernow Hall



Jane Fajans

Professor of Anthropology

Office: 261 McGraw Hall

Maria Fernandez

Associate Professor of History of Art and Visual Studies

Office: Goldwin Smith Hall GM03

Gary Fields

270 Ives Hall

Alex Flecker

Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Office: E211 Corson Hall


Alexander Flecker

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
E211 Corson Hall

Gustavo A. Flores-Macias

Assistant Professor of Government

Office: 219 White Hall

Mozelle Foreman

Romance Studies

William Fry

Emeritus Professor
Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology
303B Plant Science Bldg

Fernando Galeana Rodriguez

Development Sociology

Maria A. Gandolfo

Senior Research Associate
Plant Biology
410 Mann Library



Maria Antonia Garces

Professor of Hispanic Studies

Office: KLR K367 (Klarman Hall)

Maria Cristina Garcia

Professor of American Studies

Office: McGraw Hall 432

Charles C. Geisler

Development Sociology
117 Surge A- CALS

Frederic W. Gleach

Senior Lecturer and Curator of the Anthropology Collections
261 Mcgraw Hall


William W Goldsmith

Emeritus Professor
City & Regional Planning


Michelle Goman

Senior Research Associate
Earth & Atmospheric Sciences 
3134 Snee Hall

Miguel I. Gómez

Associate Professor of Applied Economics and Management

Office: 340D Warren Hall

Angela Gonzales

Associate Professor
Development Sociology


Douglas Gurak

Development Sociology
Warren Hall 234


Jere Haas

Professor Emeritus
Maternal and Child Nutrition
220 Savage Hall



Kyle Harvey

Kyle Harvey is a PhD student in the History Department at Cornell University. His dissertation focuses on the historical development of the mountainous region between western Argentina and Chile throughout the nineteenth century, from banditry and civil war to contracts and railroads. Broadly, his dissertation engages with questions of space and state formation through themes of technology, social history, and political economy. 

Kyle Harvey



John Henderson

Professor of Anthropology

Office: McGraw Hall 261

Janet Hendrickson

Romance Studies

David Cordero Heredia

Doctor of the Science of Law (JSD)

Peter Hobbs

Adjunct Professor
Crop and Soil Sciences
611 Bradfield Hall

Cristina Hung

Romance Studies

Eduardo E. Iñigo-Elias

Senior Research Associate
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
254B Johnson Ctr Birds & Biodiversity

Billie Jean Isbell

Emeritus Professor
190 Uris Hall

Teresa Jordan

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
4108 Snee Hall

Jan Hack Katz

Senior Lecturer
Management & Organizational Behavior
Hotel Administration
Johnson School of Business
545D Statler Hall 

Barbara Knuth

Natural Resource Policy and Management
501G Day Hall

Marc Kohlbry

Comparative Literature

Anastasia Kotsoglou

Anastasia Kotsoglou

PhD Student, Anthropology

Anastasia is a PhD student in Anthropology at Cornell University and a member of the Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Material Studies. An archaeologist working primarily in Mesoamerica, their doctoral research focuses on Classic Maya human-landscape interactions and built environment(s) with emphasis on uses of public space. Their research aims to add breadth to broader studies of mid-level Maya settlements while also contributing to theoretical understandings of place-making and spatiality.

Steven Kyle

Associate Professor
Applied Economics and Management
437 Warren Hall

James P. Lassoie

Natural Resources
201 Fernow Hall

Cecilia Lawless

Senior Lecturer of Romance Studies

Office: KLR K134

David Lee

Applied Economics and Management
435 Warren Hall

Tamara Lee

Industrial Labor Relations

Johannes Lehmann

Soil and Crop Sciences
909 Bradfield Hall

Bret Leraul

Comparative Literature

William Lesser

Applied Economics and Management
210B Warren Hall

Gilbert Levine

Emeritus Professor
Biological and Environmental Engineering

Gustavo Llarull

Romance Studies

Eudes Lopes



Alejandro Madrid

Associate Professor of Music

Office: 114 Lincoln Hall

Nilsa B. Maldonado-Méndez

Romance Studies
423B Morrill Hall



Veronica Martinez-Matsuda

Assistant Professor of Labor Relations, Law and History

Office: Ives Hall 373

Paulo Ferreira de Souza Marzionna

Industrial Labor Relations

Barry Maxwell

Senior Lecturer
Comparative Literature and American Studies

Shawn McDaniel

Assistant Professor of Romance Studies

Office: K117 Klarman

Bécquer Medak-Seguin

Graduate Student, Romance Studies

Ian Merwin

118 Plant Science

Amir Mohamed

PhD Candidate, Anthropology

Geraldine Monterroso

Romance Studies

Ebtisam Mursi

Romance Studies

NIck Myers

Nicholas Myers

PhD Student, History

Nicholas Myers is a third year PhD student in the Department of History. His dissertation research focuses on northern Mexico and the interior west of North America in late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This research reflects broader interests in Latin American political history, indigenous history, environmental history, and geography.

Ryan Nehring

Development Sociology

Ryan Nehring

Ryan Nehring

Ryan Nehring is a PhD student in the department of Development Sociology. His past and current research interests include: the history and politics of public agricultural research in Brazil (with a focus on Embrapa) and; the design and implementation of food security/sovereignty policies throughout Latin America. Prior to coming to Cornell, Ryan worked for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Brasilia, Brazil.   

Rebecca Nelson

Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology
303A Plant Science

Rachel Odhner



Jura Oliveira

Senior Lecturer of Portuguese Language

Office: KLR K126 (Klarman Hall)

Felix Miguel Ortiz

Romance Studies

Jaime Ortiz

Jaime Ortiz-Pachar

PhD Student, Natural Resources

Jaime Ortiz is a PhD student in the department of Natural Resources. His research takes a multidisciplinary approach to the problem of invasive species in the Galapagos Islands. Through a political ecology perspective his project aims to understand the effects of the invasive species discourse in the environmental governance of the Galapagos, in one hand; and in the other hand, to explore the relationship between invasive earthworms and invasive plants. Prior to coming to Cornell, Jaime worked for the Charles Darwin Foundation, an international NGO in the Galapagos.

Segio Ospina

Sergio Ospina Romero

PhD student, Musicology

Sergio Ospina-Romero is an Anthropologist, Musician, MA in History, and currently PhD student in Musicology at Cornell University. His publications and research activities are mainly focused on Popular Music in Latin America in the early twentieth century, especially in relation to sound recording industries, cultural identities, and music consumption. His book on Colombian composer Luis A.

Matias Borg Oviedo

Romance Studies


Ana Ozaki

Ana Ozaki is a PhD student in the Department of Architecture. Ana's research interests include Brazilian modern architecture; housing; historic preservation; Latin American, postcolonial, and feminist studies; as well as the intersections between architecture and the fields of urban sociology, human geography, and anthropology. Besides writing, Ozaki is interested in the public discussion of social issues central to architecture historiography in the form of exhibitions and public events.


Enrico Padoan

Graduate Student Visiting Scholar, February-April 2018

Enrico Padoan is a LASP Graduate Student Visiting Scholar, PhD candidate at Pontificial Catholic University of Chile. He holds a BA and a MA in Political Science at University of Padua, Italy. He is currently working on his doctoral dissertation, a comparative research about the emergence and the internal organization of antineoliberal populist parties in Latin America and Southern Europe, and the relationships between these parties and the organised working class.

Pilar A. Parra

Research Associate and Senior Lecturer
Nutritional Sciences
309 Savage Hall

Edmundo Paz-Soldan

Professor of Spanish Literature

Office: KLR K267 (Klarman Hall)

Alice Pell

Emeritus Professor
Animal Science
115 Day Hall

Gretel Pelto

Graduate Professor of Nutritional Sciences
360 MVR

Karla Pena

PhD Candidate, Development Sociology

Karla Pena

Karla Peña

Karla Peña is a doctoral student in Development Sociology at Cornell University.   Her research is in Ecuador where she studies indigenous-peasant movements and their struggle for land rights. Broadly, she is interested in food sovereignty, agrarian change and state-society relations in Latin America. She earned her B.A. in Liberal Studies from California State University Northridge (2009) and her M.S. in Natural Resources and Environment from the University of Michigan (2013). 

Pedro David Perez

Senior Lecturer of Applied Economics and Management
468 Warren Hall

Max Pfeffer

Professor of Development Sociology
267 Roberts Hall

Simone Pinet

Professor of Spanish Literature

Office: KLR 268 (Klarman Hall)

Jane Mt. Pleasant

Associate Professor of Horticulture
15G Plant Science Building

Steven Pond

Associate Professor of Musicology
101 Lincoln

Alison Power

Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Dale R Corson Bio Science Wing, Room 331a

Eudes Prado Lopes

Eudes is a cultural anthropology PhD student at Cornell University who holds a bachelor's degree in anthropology and public policy at Princeton University. His research interests focus on the cultural relevance of economic thought and its embeddedness in the financial markets. He localizes his research in Brazil where the conflicting knowledge demands of powerful public and private financial institutions make visible (in distinctive ways) shifting geopolitical paradigms. 

Justin Proctor

MS/PhD Candidate, Natural Resources

Nancy Quintanilla

PhD Candidate, English


Nancy Quintanilla

Nancy Quintanilla is a PhD candidate in the English department at Cornell University. Her research interests include Latino/a literature and culture, diaspora studies, and immigration. At the moment, she is working on completing her dissertation which considers how contemporary U.S. and Central American literary and cultural productions engage with missing bodies.

Gustavo Quintero

Romance Studies

Gustavo Quintero

Gustavo Quintero

Gustavo is a Ph.D. student in Romance Studies at Cornell University. He works on the relation between memory and messianism in Cuba, Mexico and Colombia. He focuses on how, in these three countries, a number of artistic movements in cinema, conceptual art and literature are highly meaningful to address multiple representations of hopes and promises of a future change.

Kathleen Rasmussen

Nancy Schlegel Meinig Professor of Maternal and Child Nutrition
111 Savage Hall

Mary K. Redmond

Senior Lecturer of Spanish Language
Klarman K168

Andrea Restrepo-Mieth

Graduate Student, City and Regional Planning

Graciela Reyes Retana

PhD Candidate, Natural Resources

Catherine Reyes-Householder

PhD Candidate, Government

Graciela Reyes-Retana

Graciela Reyes-Retana

Graciela Reyes-Retana is a third year PhD student in the Department of Natural Resources, studying environmental policy under David R. Lee from the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. Her research is focused on the intersection between natural resources management and socio-economic development in developing countries.


Kenneth M. Roberts

Professor of Comparative and Latin American Politics (on leave SP17)

Office: 203 White Hall

Eloy Rodriguez

Professor of Plant Biology
420 Mann Library


Susana Romero-Sanchez

Susana Romero-Sánchez

Visiting Research Scholar

Susana Romero-Sánchez, Ph.D. is researching the connection between the history of development policies and ideas in Latin American urbanization programs (including housing construction, credit, and planning schemes) in the mid-twentieth century. She will be tracing the historical evolution of housing and credit institutions in Colombia in connection with the history of global development ideas and policies.

Erin Routon

Graduate Student, Anthropology

Jose Sanchez

Jose Sanchez Gomez

PhD Student, Government

Jose is a second-year PhD student in the Government Department at Cornell University, with research interests in comparative politics and Latin America. He focuses on contentious politics and constitutional change, social movements and party politics.

Mariano Sanchez-Talanquer

Graduate Student, Government


Vilma Santiago-Irizarry

Associate Professor of Anthropology and Latino Studies

Office: 261 McGraw Hall

Joshua Savala

Josh is a PhD candidate in the Department of History. His dissertation project looks at the relationships of solidarity and cooperation forged by and between Peruvians and Chileans in the 19th and early 20th centuries. His research delves into the history of medicine, labor and working class history, anarchism, gender, and the maritime world.

Joshua Savala

Graduate Student, History

Darin Self

Darin Self

PhD Student, Government

Darin is a 2nd year graduate student in the Government Department. His research focuses on how antecedent characteristics of authoritarian rule affects political and electoral institutions in democracies, causes of institutional change, and institutional determinates of populism. He is also interested in how we make causal inferences in politically developing states and designing new ways to measure social structure

Kathleen Sexsmith

PhD Candidate, Development Sociology

Margaret Smith

Professor of Plant Breeding Genetics
G42 Emerson

Evelien Christina Soto van der Plas

Graduate Student, Romance Studies


Vanessa Springer

Vanessa is a Master’s student in the New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit within the Department of Natural Resources. Her current research focuses on the spatial ecology of carnivores in the cloud forest of the Andes, as part of a project that aims to integrate social values and ecological information into the design of a socio-ecological corridor between two reserves. She is also a mentor for the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program that aims to support diversity in the field of conservation. 

Iulia Statica

Iulia Statica

Visiting Scholar

Iulia Statica, Ph.D. completed her PhD at the Department of Architecture at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 2016. Her research interests focus on the discourses of material culture in (post) communist contexts, and the role of ideologies and their critique in architecture and urbanism. Between 2014-2015 she was a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Toronto and prior to this was awarded the Fellowship in Architecture at the Romanian Academy in Rome (2012-14).

Tammo Steenhuis

Professor of Biological and Environmental Engineering
206 Riley-Robb

Whitney Taylor

PhD Candidate, Government

Brisa Teutli

Senior Lecturer of Spanish Language
Klarman K140

Jeremy Thompson

Research Associate, Plant Pathology

Office: 215 Plant Science

Blanca Torres

Graduate Student, Anthropology

Jimena Valdez

Jimena Valdez

Jimena is a second year student in the Government Department, majoring in Comparative Politics. She is interested in the social and electoral consequences of the economic crises, both in Latin America in the 80s and 90s and in contemporary Europe. 

Maria Jimena Valdez-Tappata

Graduate Student, Government

Harold Van Es

Professor of Soil and Water Management
1005 Bradfield
Eduardo Vasconcelos

Eduardo Vasconcelos

Visiting Scholar

Eduardo Vasconcelos, Ph.D. is an Engineer/Social Scientist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a specialist in urban transportation systems in developing countries. He is the author of Urban transport, environment and equity: the case for developing countries, Earthscan, UK, 2001.

Simon Velasquez

PhD Candidate, Government

Amy Villarejo

Professor of Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Schwartz Center

Sofia A. Villenas

Professor of Anthropology
226 McGraw Hall

Helena Maria Viramontes

Professor of English
367 Goldwin Smith

Michael Walter

Emeritus Professor
Biological and Environmental Engineering
218 Riley-Robb

Monroe Weber-Shirk

Senior Lecturer of Civil and Environmental Engineering
265 Hollister

Wendy Wolford

Professor of Development Sociology

Office: 263 Warren Hall

Stephen Younger

Retired Associate Director of Cornell Food and Nutrition Policy Program

Kelly Zamudio

Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
217 Corson Hall

Jessica Zarkin

PhD Candidate, Government