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Connect with Other Latin American Programs at Cornell

  • Landscape Measures Resource Center (LMRC) is a collection of ideas and tools to aid in managing areas where interests in protecting biodiversity, producing food and securing rural livelihoods converge. Brazil  Conservation of a forested landscape and traditional livelihoods in an area of high land use pressure in the central Amazon. Brazil – Ecoagriculture in the Torres Region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: Tradeoffs or synergies in banana cultivation?Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua - Approaches to assessing biodiversity conservation in silvopastoral landscapes (Research Initiative Part I) Costa Rica - Techniques for monitoring biodiversity conservation outcomes in agricultural landscape mosaics (Research Initiative Part II).
  • ILR International Programs Latin America supports ILR's core mission in research, teaching, and outreach around the world.
  • Lab of Orninthology Avian Knowledge Network Latin America and Caribbean Program One of the most urgent needs for the conservation of habitats critical to migratory waterbirds in Latin America and the Caribbean is the collection of sound information about the numbers and species of birds using particular wetlands. 
  • Community Cloud Forest Conservation alleviates poverty and protects cloud forests through education, reforestation, community development, academic scholarships, and ecological improvements to agriculture. Associated with Cornell University's e-Bird Guatemala program.
  • Peace Corps at Cornell University is supported by CALS International Programs. Peace Corps supports volunteers in South America. The mission of Peace Corps is to help people of interested countries to meet their need for trained men and women,  help people from host countries to have a better understanding of people from the U.S., and help people from the U.S. to have a better understanding of other peoples.
  • Society for the Humanities