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We, the steering committee of the Latin American Studies Program at Cornell University, write to respond to the results of the recent U.S. elections. We do so in order to defend the integrity of our program and its intellectual and cultural mission on our campus. LASP is a program dedicated to supporting research and teaching on a wide range of issues related to Latin America. While the program does not articulate a political position, we feel compelled to reiterate our commitment to defending and supporting Latin American, Caribbean and Latina/o faculty, students and staff in the face of the election of an individual who has repeatedly demonstrated his contempt for a broad swath of the population in this country, whether citizens, immigrants, or undocumented. The university campus is a wonderfully diverse place, an international place, and a Latin American place, as is our society more broadly. LASP is fully committed to defending that diversity and we stand in solidarity with our colleagues, students and staff who may be feeling particularly vulnerable at this time.  For the Cornell pledge (“any person, any study”) to have meaning today, we must defend the right of all people first and foremost to exist without fear.

Raymond Craib, Director

Debra Castillo, Past Director

Ken Roberts

Ananda Cohen-Aponte

Tim Devoogd, Past Director

Leonardo Vargas-Méndez

Ernesto Bassi

Tim Shenk

Karla Peña

William Phelan

Chris Garces

María Cook

Cecelia Lawless, Past Director