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153 Uris Hall , 12:15-1:10 PM (except where noted differently)




Mon 12


Brazilian Politics and the Judiciary’s Involvement in the Coup D’Etat

Mariella Pittari, Law School, Cornell University


Mon 26


Economic Crises and the Evolution of Electoral Lefts in Latin America and Southern Europe

Enrico Padoan, Government, LASP Visting Graduate Student Scholar




 Mon 12


Indians, Territorial Consolidation, and Improvised Justice in Late-Colonial Brazil

Hal Langfur, SUNY Buffalo



Mon 19


Communication for Change: Mass Media, Rural Development, the Catholic Church and the Cold War in Colombia’s Radio Sutatenza/Cultural Popular Action Network, 1947-1974

Mary Roldan, History, Hunter College & CUNY Graduate Center




Mon 04/09


Jorge Luis Borges, Reader of Erotica

Ariel de la Fuente, Associate Professor of History, Purdue University

Co-sponsored by the Department of Romance Studies


Wed 04/11 (Note: Wednesday, noot Monday, and at 4:30pm in G-08 Uris Hall)


Urban Transport in Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities

G-08 Uris Hall, 4:30pm

Eduardo Vasconcellos, Civil Engineer & Sociologist, LASP Visiting Scholar


Mon 04/16


Housing Socialist Modernities: A Comparative Archeology of Domesticity in (Post) Socialist Bucharest and Havana

Iulia Statica, Architecture, LASP Visiting Scholar


Mon 04/23

Eugenics in the Garden: Transatlantic Architecture and the Crafting of Modernity by Fabiola Lopez-Duran, Art History, Rice University

Co-Sponsored by the Department of Architecture




Mon 05/07, Note time and location: 4:30pm in Uris G-08

Agrarian Politics and the 2016 Rousseff/Temer Coup in Brazil, by Sergio Sauer, University  of Brasila.

Co-Sponsored by the Department of Development Sociology




153 Uris Hall (except where noted differently)

12:15-1:10 PM

SEP 11

Housing pathways, elective belonging, and family ties in middle class Chileans' housing choices. Joel Stillerman, Professor of Sociology, Grand Valley State University.

SEP 25

The Woman in the Window: A Tale of Mystery in Several Parts, Sylvia Sellers Garcia, History, Boston College.


OCT 02

Terms of Exchange: Brazilian Intellectuals and the Remaking of the French Social Sciences, Ian W Merkel, Cornell University Post-Doc, History


Fall Break, October 7th to October 10th, Classes resume October 11th.


OCT 16


New Struggles and Old Conflicts in the Neo-liberal Countryside: Territories, The State, Fights for Legitimacy, and the Ideology of Natural Resources Use in Chile, Cristian Alarcon Ferrari, Cornell University, Development Sociology

OCT 23

Mexico and Brazil Compared: the Entanglement of Industrial, Labor and Political Legacies, Alex Covarrubias, El Colegio de Sonora en Hermosillo, ILR Alumni.

30 OCT

South-North Cooperation? What Civil Society in U.S. Can Learn from Ecuador’s Civil Society in Times of Rising Populism.  Susan Appe, Public Administration, University of Binghamton.

03 NOV

Virus Discovery in the Vineyards of the Chilean Valle Central, by Lucy Romero, LASP Graduate Visiting Scholar, light lunch provided.


06 NOV

Growth, Employment, and Poverty in Latin AmericaGary Fields, David Jaume, and Mariana Viollaz, Cornell Economics and ILR, Cornell University


13 NOV

LASP Development Forum 2017:   Land Rights and Land Tenure of AfroBrazilian Communities, Isabelle Picelle (Brazil) Instituto Nacional de Colonização e Reforma Agrária (INCRA), Brazil


20 NOV

 "Between fragmentation and alliance formation: Understanding opposition politics in authoritarian Venezuela," Maryhen Jiménez Morales is a PhD candidate at DPIR, Oxford