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The lending library is an online educational outreach resource housed in, which provides images, descriptive text, and searchable keywords to aid the teacher-user in finding the materials they need. The library encompasses all of the regional programs within the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, including the Latin American Studies Program (LASP). This online resource contains books, movies, music, and culture kits—all of which are intended to promote the internationalization of course curriculums. The lending library consists of educational books, DVD movies, and uniquely designed culture kits. These resources were developed to engage both educators and students in creating a deeper understanding of foreign cultures and languages. The resources within the lending library were prepared by experts at Cornell University and are geared for use by K-12, community college, and university educators. 

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LASP Lecture Recordings

LASP Library Resources


¡CULTURA! Ithaca Strives to foster and share Latinx culture with the community through easily accessible, free or low-cost arts-based educational experiences. Each year we organize a variety of series and events centered around a specific artistic discipline such as handucrafts, music, theatre, storytelling, cooking, and dance. Community members and college students are invited to coordinare a series or lesson, or simply participate in our events. ¡CULTURA! Ithaca is based out of the Latino Civic Association of Tompkins county.


Community College Internationalization Fellowship Program

The goal of the Community College Internationalization Fellowship Program is to encourage faculty at Tompkins Cortland, Monroe, and Onondaga Community Colleges, to collaborate with Cornell University’s Latin American Studies Program to create and implement curricular projects which integrate international, intercultural or global dimensions, and world languages, into community college curriculum. We aim to increase global learning, intercultural knowledge and competence of students at community colleges. These projects could include a new course, a new unit of an existing course, or a service learning component to an existing course that encourages the exchange of diverse perspectives.