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Scholarly Publications

Changing Course in
Author: Kenneth M. Roberts Publication Year: 2015

This book explores the impact of economic crises and free-market reforms on party systems and political representation in contemporary Latin America. It explains why some patterns of market reform align and stabilize party systems, whereas other patterns of reform leave party systems vulnerable t...

Author: Alejandro L. Madrid Publication Year: 2015

In the 1920s, the Mexican composer Julián Carrillo (1875-1965) developed a microtonal system called El Sonido 13 (The 13th Sound). Although his pioneering role as one of the first proponents of microtonality within the Western art music tradition elevated Carrillo to iconic status among European...

Raymond Craib's Book
Author: Editors: Maxwell, Barry, Craig, Raymond (eds.) Publication Year: 2015

Was anarchism in areas outside of Europe an import and a script to be mimicked? Was it perpetually at odds with other currents of the Left? The authors in this collection take up these questions of geographical and political peripheries. Building on recent research that has emphasized the plural ...

Working through the past
Author: Edited by Teri L. Caraway, Maria Lorena Cook, Stephen Crowley Publication Year: 2015

Democratization in the developing and postcommunist world has yielded limited gains for labor. Explanations for this phenomenon have focused on the effect of economic crisis and globalization on the capacities of unions to become influential political actors and to secure policies that benefit th...

Deb Castillos book
Author: Editors: Castillo, D., Day, S (Eds.) Publication Year: 2014

In Mexico, the participation of intellectuals in public life has always been extraordinary, and for many the price can be high. Highlighting prominent figures that have made incursions into issues such as elections, human rights, foreign policy, and the drug war, this volume paints a picture of t...

Brazil Dream
Author: Casanova, L., Kassum, J. Publication Year: 2014

Is Brazil ready to take its place among the world's leading powers? The authors examine Brazil's hard power and soft power resources, assessing the challenges the country will need to overcome in order to build its own "Brazilian dream" and project itself on the international stage.

Gustavo's Book
Author: Gustavo A. Flores-Macias Publication Year: 2012

The political trajectory of Latin America in the last decade has been remarkable. The left, which had been given up for dead across the region, swept into power in numerous countries: Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and even Chile. Moreover, the Mexican left, which lost an extreme...

Wendy Wolford's Book
Author: Wendy Wolford Publication Year: 2010

In This Land Is Ours Now , Wendy Wolford presents an original framework for understanding social mobilization. She argues that social movements are not the politically coherent, bounded entities often portrayed by scholars, the press, and movement leaders. Instead, they are constantly changing me...

Politics of Labor Reform in Latin America
Author: Maria Lorena Cook Publication Year: 2007

During the 1990s, governments, employers, and international agencies pressed for greater flexibility in labor regulations throughout much of Latin America. In this comparative study of six Latin American countries, Maria Lorena Cook shows why these common pressures for flexibility led to varied l...

Cartographic Mexico
Author: Raymond B. Craib Publication Year: 2004
In Cartographic Mexico , Raymond B. Craib analyzes the powerful role cartographic routines such as exploration, surveying, and mapmaking played in the creation of the modern Mexican state in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Such routines were part of a federal obsession—or “state fi...