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"Jorge Luis Borges, Reader of Erotica," by Ariel de la Fuente, LASP Seminar Series, Monday, 4/09

Luis Borges LASP Seminar Series Ariel de la Fuente

Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986), the famous reader whose name immediately recalls the idea of the library, was a curious and ardent explorer of erotic literature, an aspect of his literary experience that has been largely ignored by students of his oeuvre. Being the derivative writer par excellence of the twentieth century, the study of the erotic shelves of Borges’s library allows to propose a (new) relationship between his sexuality, his readings, and his own literature.  

Ariel de la Fuente is an Associate Professor in the Department. of History, Purdue University. He is the author of Children of Facundo: Caudillo and Gaucho Insurgency during the Argentine State-Formation Process (1853-1870) and is currently completing a book on the literature of Jorge Luis Borges.