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LASP Fall '16 Seminar: "Challenges of Party-Building in Latin America" by Steve Levitsky, VIDEO Recording, 14 Nov 2016


A video recording of this lecture from the Latin American Studies Program, click here.


More than three decades after the onset of the Third Wave of democratization, parties remain weak in much of Latin America: parties have collapsed in much of the region, and most new party-building efforts have failed. Yet the party-building experience in the region has not been universally bleak. Of the 308 parties that were created in Latin America between 1978 and 2005 (and which received at least one percent of the legislative vote), 11 succeeded in taking root. Why do some new parties succeed while most fail? Our book challenges the widespread belief that democracy and elections naturally give rise to strong parties and argues that successful party-building is more likely to occur under conditions of intense conflict than under routine democracy.  

Steve Levitsky is Professor of Political Science at Harvard University. He focuses on authoritarianism and parties in Latin America - specifically Peru. 

Followed by a reception.

LASP Seminar Series 12:15-1:10 PM A.D. White House, Guerlac Room Cornell Central Campus