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LASP facilitates learning about Latin America by blending the Cornell curriculum, functional pathways that bring students from diverse colleges together, and fruitful collaborations with other institutions in the US and Latin American countries. LASP enriches formal instruction by offering LASP courses, experiential learning abroad, visiting scholars, sponsored events, faculty/student research, and ready access to scholarly resources through campus repositories and loan programs.

LASP offers a Latin American Studies Minor, which is available for Undergraduate and Graduate Students. 


LASP facilita la educación Latinoamericana a través del currículo diverso de Cornell que incluye estudiantes de varias ramas académicas e instituciones fuera de Cornell y Estados Unidos. LASP además ofrece sus propios cursos académicos, programas al extranjero, charlas por profesores de visita, eventos, investigaciones independientes y acceso académico a recursos y becas.

Además, LASP ofrece matrícula al "Minor" en Estudios Latinoamericanos para estudiantes de carrera y postgrado.


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     SPRING 2020 Courses, including one that goes to Chile during Spring Break!

Latin American Studies Minor

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